New Basement stairs, new front entrance and opening up the buildings.

It has been very exciting to watch this project develop. After a few delays, they are working hard on a number of fronts.

Since the old access to the basement was where the golf simulator will be we are building a new set of stairs in the front of the building.

The main entrance is also getting a considerable facelift. The awning is going away and we are installing a new fixed roof entrance. In the pictures you can see the foundations being build to support the structure. It is going to have a great new cutting edge look.

The plumbers are now laying the lines that will go under the building as well as installing the grease trap for the kitchen. They are also going to put in the underground conduit that will run the beer lines from our new keg cooler being installed in the basement to the new bar. This will give us more storage under the bar and more beer selections.

They have been busy at work in the old terrace room making our new store room, as well as building temporary walls so they can connect the two buildings without leaving the whole building exposed to the outdoors. As you can see in the pictures both walls of the two buildings have been removed. Very exciting Progress!!!!!


One thought on “New Basement stairs, new front entrance and opening up the buildings.”

  1. Mike I love this blog. It’s interesting to see our old building’s transformation into a really cool modern facility!!!!
    Thanks for keeping the members informed!!!


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