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North_Hills_View2 (002)Welcome to Meehan’s Construction Blog.  On this blog you will get the most up to date information about this 3.1 Million Dollar project as the old Founder’s Room is transformed into Meehan’s.  We will be posting reports with pictures as well as information about celebrations as we progress through the renovation.  Join the blog and follow along.

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Walls, Plumbing and Steel!!!! Oh my!!

The project is really rolling now. The steel that will support the roof has been put into place and the rafters will be installed next week

The front entrance is really taking shape and you can now see how it will look once completed.

The plumbing is just about completed which means we are just about ready to pour the floor of the anytime lounge in Meehans which will contain the huge bar.

You can also see where the booths will be located in the upper lounge. Each booth will have its own TV.

Next week they will work on the office area renovation and the front entrance in addition to the rafters and cement floor.

Great Progress

It has been educational watching this project and now that it is picking up steam, it is even more exciting.

This week we are seeing some serious progress. For those who have been wondering what is behind the large tarp, the old wall to the terrace room and old offices is gone and they installed a steel beam to open up the floor plan. They have also been able to remove the temporary walls because now the beam is supporting all the weight.

You can also see in the pictures the steel for the from entrance has been installed which has enabled them to frame out the new entrance.

The work on leveling the new area has begun now that the plumbing is done. This is done in preparation for the cement floor.

You can also see the plumbing for the bar and kitchen areas as well as the conduit for our new beer system.

Can’t wait for next week. It will start to look totally different. Stay tooned.